Video on Gigantic Backyard 4 in a Row

I just uploaded a video showing XCarve doing production work. I had to cut 42 circles for this game. I show how to make this outdoor project. Check it out. Paw Paw’s Workshop


Another nice vidio Phillip. I think you might want to add some wheels to that so you can roll it in and out easily. The cunstruction of the base reminds me of the old portable chalk boards they used to have at school. I don’t think they have them now. :grinning:

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Your right. And I did add the wheels right after I took the photo. This one is going to a high school in the area. The color for this project is the school colors. I was thinking about putting the school logo on the disks and decided against it because of time. Forty two disks front and back…no not that crazy. Lol

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Nice job.You could have engraved it on the ends.

Did not think of that. Lol

Hey you can always get it back.

No no. It’s delivered now. Moving on to another project. Lol. Don’t want it back

Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.