Video streaming suggestions

This isn’t an Easel-specific question, but I didn’t see a better forum and decided to post here. I have an older PC I use that is dedicated to the maker work I do (3D printing, carving/milling using my Carvey, developing Arduino projects, SVG editing using Inkscape, etc…). The PC is running Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) and I recently purchased a Logitech C920 web cam with the intent to use it to remotely monitor the status of my projects (carves, and 3D prints). I was expecting the web cam to come with web streaming software, but it didn’t, and I was wondering if anyone here has any recommendations.

My one main requirement is that I be able to stream video, obtain an IP address, and then be able to remotely watch the stream using a tablet or phone.

Some nice to haves would also be:

  • Whitelist/restrict who can view the stream
  • Take snapshots at set intervals and stich together a video

I also have a spare Raspberry Pi, so I suppose one option would be to install the Octo Pi OS/distribution, but I’d like to explore and look into solutions for my Window PC first, and was wondering if any of the users here used a web cam to monitor the status of their projects, and if so what streaming software do they use.



I use an old iPhone as a camera and use the free app Alfred to monitor my machine. It uses the WiFi and goes to my iPad or iPhone. All for free

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Thanks Phillip, that’s a great idea. Unfortunately I don’t have a an extra phone or tablet. Good suggestion though.


look into cncjs. i’m running it on a Pi. but they make a windows version as well. supports webcams (at least it does on the Pi) and works great with the xcarve. and it’s free!

Just get a WiFi security cam. Works just fine.

Depending on range, baby monitors (Video) may work very well.

Thanks everyone. It sounds like the consensus is to buy a baby monitor/security camera. That will be my backup plan - I bought my web cam specifically for remotely monitoring my builds (so already spent the money on it), so I’d like to explore the “software streaming on windows” option first, and if that doesn’t work out I have a spare Raspberry Pi which I can install Octo print on and that should work out (but since I have an old Windows machine that I use that’s dedicated to carving and 3D printing, I was hoping to run everything on it).