Vinyl Cutting

Here is my new toy for Vinyl cutting. Another CNC in my shop. Cut the vinyl or use pen, stick it to any crafts you’re making. It’s fun and easy.


Congratulations on your new toy! I’ve owned a cheap Chinese vinyl cutter for a couple of years and use it fairly frequently for…stuff. Mine’s a larger format unit with a 30" wide carriage, but much like owning the 1000mm X-Carve now, I usually find myself cutting rather small things on it most of the time. :smiley:

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I’ve got a Silhouette Cameo and I love it! I’ve made literally hundreds of t-shirts using wax paper, vinyl decals, etc. with it. Super fun, entry-level CNC. My upcoming YouTube channel will have a bunch of those type projects under the Mancraft 101 category.



Love to see that.

Chris keep us in the loop on your YT channel

I have a couple of Cricut machines. Used to be a big fan of theirs until they went after the third party software people who made it possible to use third party software with the Cricut. I still have the software and the older model machines. They then went with a subscription model to promote their own software that did the same as the third party software did. If you stop paying $9.99 a month, you loose all the work you did. Bottom line, you do not own anything you make while online. To me that is bad business practice. Imagine not being able to keep anything you make on Easel!



That’s a great cautionary tale for all online, subscription based business models. Definitely something that the powers that be at Inventables should consider. That kind of bad ju-ju can be very detrimental. Thanks for sharing.


My wife was the same way - she had a cricut machine, and bailed out when they went after Makes the Cut (her favorite SVG software). Then she went back to cricut when they came out with this best machine, and signed her up as a partner. Now that she can upload her own SVGs to cut, she doesn’t mind so much anymore.

She also has the Silhouette and another something I don’t know much about, as well.

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Yes that is my favorite software as well. I even contacted them and said it might be to their benefit to see if they can make it available as a program for the Shapeoko community. Last I heard they said they would look into it. That was about a year ago.

I think an Easy Cut Studio software would be a good place to start. I think the software is a major consideration too.