Vinyl paint mask

I’ve only used the Oramask. I think the biggest thing is allowing the paint to cure sufficiently.

OK cool thanks I was thinking of trying that instead of sanding off the top layer. I know about Phil’s technique using the oil paints and stuff but sometime I just enjoy the raw wood look. Thanks for the info!!

And just to confirm its 813 not 831 correct?

I use the 813 and it works great.

Yes, 813

Oramask 813 is a stencil product. It’s intended to be used as a stencil for painting applications. It should be your first choice.

Oracal 631 is a removable vinyl that is intended to be used as a decal/decoration. It could, however, be used as a stencil (and many people have done that) but it is not the intended purpose of the product. Since it’s a low tack adhesive, you can remove it without damaging any surface finish.

I am about to embark on using Oramask quite heavily on some sign products and hoping for good results.

I use the 813 all the time with no damge so far to the painted surface. Just make sure your paint is good and dry and as flat a surface as you can get.