Vinyl paint mask

anyone know of somewhere to buy the vinyl paint mask at a reasonable price.

'This should work well

thanks phillip.

have you used it before.

You could also try Oramask:

That site has wider lengths and longer lengths as well.

As long as you get Oracal 631 and NOT Oracal 651, you should be okay.

You can also try using transfer paper ( but not sure how well that will work.

I tried painters tape once…it worked not so good. It didn’t cleanly cut the tape at the edges.

thanks Justin

@RobertCanning - Have you tried the stuff Inventables sells? I haven’t, just am curious if it does any better since they claim that’s what its for.

Simple shelf lining from home depot works for me. No problem on V carving as long as keeping spindle speed high.

have not tried it just shopping around.

I use US Cutter for all my vinyl products. Their Green Star line is a bit cheaper and works really good. They also have $9.99 Fed Ex shipping for your entire order.

thanks chris

In regards to the oramask 813, anyone that’s used it, how long do you wait after you paint before you apply the mask I read on their website to wait 3 weeks ,but that seems a litte excessive. Thank you

i have used it a few times and you need to let your paint be fully dry. maybe let it set overnight or 24 hours.

Thank you

This also depends on the paint. Some stuff has been dry after 24hrs, some seems to still be tacky weeks later.

I’d like to see some pics of it in use…

Just stumbling up on this, but that’s a great looking sign! Is that from plywood or mdf? Or something different?

That one was an aspen panel from Lowes. The lodgepole pine panels seem to work well too.

Ok so I have seen both Oramask 813 and Oracal 631 mentioned on here. Which is better and which do people prefer?