Vise inside of Carvey?

Hi all! Has anyone put a vise inside of Carvey? I’m not quite sure how to mount certain types of objects that would normally be held in a vise. Oddly I haven’t seen any other topics matching “vise” in the search (in the Carvey area).


A regular vise would be too big ie the carriage would bump into it.

People have used a low profile vise.
There should be topics on that if you search.

With the Nomad from Carbide-3D being a pretty close cousin to the Carvey, I also check their forum for ideas and solutions. While this would have to be modified to work on the Carvey and it’s smartclamp, it does seem like it would work for certain vise situations:

Thanks! I’m checking these out and will try a few things.