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After doing some office related designs recently, we wanted to try our hand at toys and games. We have several ideas, what do you think we should make? Do you have a top 3?

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I’ve always loved the labyrinth games…

Did you consider a “shut the box” style game as well?

My top 3 would be the labyrinth game, the decision maker, and battleship. I think all 3 of those would be ideal for the X-Carve.

I like the basketball game, but I don’t know what material you could use for the rim that wouldn’t snap if you use anything other than a ping-pong ball. Typical wood would probably come apart at the grain, and MDF/acrylic would break super-easy. Thick metal would be heavy, and thin metal would bend. Maybe I’m just assuming rough use though. :smile:

Thanks Robert, Decision maker is one of my picks.
Maybe the basketball game if there is a no dunking rule. haha

Darryl, Im not familiar with shut the box style games. We will look into it. Thanks

Here’s a 4 player version, there are also more common 1 player versions.

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battleship is a good idea!

I could definitely use that Decision Maker!

battleship or toy truck