Vytek f/x 2

I acquired a Vytek f/x 2, I am trying to cut some1/8" Mdf and I have to run 5 passes before it will cut all the way through. I am running 1.5 ips, 100% and 300 vppp. The question I was wondering is there any where on the net I can get info on setting it up, testing the bulb etc. I also wanted to mention that I know nothing about laser cutters and feeling very overwhelmed.

Given the very little information I was able to acquire, that appears to be a 35W system… My 30W Epilog will cut 1/4" MDF in a single pass (albeit slowly, I’d guess around .5ips)

From some quick looking around, it would appear that your unit is somewhat more challenging to run than most, so don’t despair on all things laser because of it! :smile:

Thanks Dan
I am pretty sure the bulb is on its way out. Do you know of a way to test and any good sources for purchasing a new one.

I’m not entirely sure, but I’d bet Bell Laser could help you out. I’ve heard good things about them before.


They can pull off a lot of cool stuff, wouldn’t surprise me if they had a refit or upgrade for yours.