Want to purchase XCP 4848....but

Im looking to purchase a new CNC for above hobby use but after reading through the forums Its really a scary proposition to drop 10k and be disappointed as that’s a good amount of money to not be happy about it.
I was just wondering if the issues i have read about in here have been addressed?
Broken ball screws?
Random movement of z axis during a project?
Random stopping?

Howdy, To address some of the concerns you have as I am a new XCP 48x48 owner as well.
I have yet to encounter any random movement of the Z-axis during any of my cutting. I did have an issue of cutting depth at first, but a quick email to Tech Support and they responded quickly with an answer that corrected the issue.

With the countless cutting of materials from Hard woods to soft pine and now some acrylic, I have never encounter any stopping that was not do to my fault. I was planning walnut slabs and the planning bit cut to deep that caused the spindle to shut down. Again a quick email to Tech Support, they responded with the commands to ensure the spindle was operational.

I am now in the process of making Letter banks for my grandkids and seeing if I can sell a few as well.

When the unit arrived at my doorstep, it was boxed securely and the installation instructions were easy to follow until I got to the waste board installation point, but a few minutes of searching the forum found the information needed and was able to finish the install.

Hope this help


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I have a pre-production unit and have been using the xcp4x4 for like 2+yrs and I’ve had issues, none that you describe.

I will say that inventables’ support is damn good, and they have been amazing at helping out when something goes awry.

I would also say, that this machine is probably one of the best built machines and the accuracy of the cuts are pretty stellar. For $10k or whatever you can get one for (I believe there is a guy in DC selling his brand new one still). I would highly recommend.

It’s a big unit so you’ll need a decent amount of space, but I’ve done so much cutting (I design and make furniture) with it, and love it.

If you have any questions feel free to reply or dm me. I’m also on IG/Twitter @griffingranberg

Good luck w/your decision //g

Attaching a photo of my baby… (which is hooked up to my 4” dust collector system :slight_smile: )

Did you design the 4" dust collector head yourself? It looks like a fairly simple design, and I don’t really like the one that comes with the machine.

Yes I did. Haven’t ever used the one that came with it because mine works sooooooo well.

I designed the dust shoe and used this brush from amz.

Absolutely love it.

That’s great! Is it something you can share, something that you are selling, or something that was hacked together and doesn’t make sense to share?

I’d love to upgrade mine, since I have a 4" system, too. I’m just in the middle of 100 household projects right now.