Warning for large Z-Axis movements

Can we get a javascript alert waring if the move amount on the manual jog controls in carve are > 5mm when moving the z-axis?

I have now broken a few bits by accidentally setting it to go down by over 100mm due to the mouse slipping off the y axis down button onto the z axis down button.

I quite often set it to 5mm when getting the z-axis down from it’s home position so > 5mm(not >=) to me sounds like it should be a safe amount before asking. And would likely save a few bits from being snapped.

Does the machine respect the soft limits when using the jog commands? That would be a nice start.

I feel your pain. So far this week, I have destroyed the Z axis limit switch by trying to drive up 11 inches (instead of 1), and broken a bit by trying to drive it down 11 inches. Separate incidents, same day, both times because I rushed myself and didn’t realize that I fat-fingered the 1 button. Bad day… :cry:

Soft limits are a grbl function. If you have homed your machine, soft limits should work.

I don’t use Easel, so I can’t verify on that platform, but I use UGCS and software limits are in effect when you jog with it.

But, depending on the limit you set for your Z axis, you could still bury a bit before you get to the limit.

Not sure if easel uses the soft limits when jogging. However there have been times where I have wanted to cut the wasteboard.

This code should work. You could also add in a button press check so the user can bypass the check as well.

if (axis == "Z" && amount > 5){
	var x=window.confirm("Are You Sure?")
	if (x){
		//Do It
	// If X Or Y just do it or < 5
	//Do It

Because it is at the GRBL level, any software that sends commands to the machine will be subject to the soft limits if they are turned on.

In Easel if you send a jog or tool path that tells the machine to go past its limits then the machine will go into an alert mode and become unresponsive until you disconnect the USB and reconnect and home the machine from the carve menu.

Soft limits have saved me from breaking bits, limit switches, my wallet… If you tun them on then it could do the same for you.

Look up @LarryM’s post on setting up/understanding soft limits and you’ll be glad you did.

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