Was connected now Im not

Just finished building, ran the setup. Had control of my xcarve during the setup, went to do the test carve and it said cannot find machine automatically. Gave me suggestions for setup so i tried to go back and do setup. To no avail now it wont connect, my arduino shows up as com4 in the device manager. Any suggestions?

When I’ve run into this I have had luck with moving the USB cable to another port (Make sure the COMM port didn’t change) and restarting the local easel service.

If you are using Windows 7 Uninstall your present version of EaselLocal and install EaselLocal-0.0.2


Off-chance, does that go for Win10 as well?

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Win 10 seems to work real well with the newest EaselLocal. No need to downgrade to 0.2.2

Not that I know of, most people have had good luck with Win10

Thank you!!

Thanks to everyone who responded. I read the article about 2.2 shortly after posting this. Manually selecting my port worked like a charm