Washington State topo map

1/8" downcut fishtail bit, this is right off the tool in hard maple. About 8" wide, 6" tall. Took two hours to carve and then cut out at 60 ipm on the original 2015 xcarve.

I still need to do a bit of sanding, actually mount it to something, add some hardware, and hang it up. Thinking of doing some other states too.


Nice. I want to do the Chesapeake Bay.


Hey steve great job man

would you want to share the model model or vector file on this?

also what workflow did you use to achieve this?


Here are stl files for every state. There are also sites online where you can get more specific, too (Like if you wanted to focus on Mount St. Helens or something ).


Then I mostly followed what was done in this video:

Except I used the roughing 3d toolpath in Vcarve desktop instead of using fusion 360 like they did in the video. The depth per pass of my endmill defined the height of each step