Waste board parts confusion

why don’t the numbers match when ordering waste board parts?

this is what is in my cart is this what I need for making my own waste board?

There are separate part numbers for the QTY in the configurator than sold separately on the site.

@Zach_Kaplan is what I have in the cart picture what I need for the 1000 waste board?

hi david .
if you dont need any support structure for the 1k board then this is what you will need

30517-03 Threaded Insert M5 x144
25286-20 Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 20mm x14
25281-05 T-Slot Nut M5 Pre-Assembly (Insertion Nut) x14

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Yes that is correct for the stock board
a. 144 threaded inserts, 2 bags of part #30517-05 (http://bit.ly/1DDUIxA37)
b. 14 pre assembly insertion nuts, 2 bags of part#25281-08 (http://bit.ly/1J2ORGF37)
c. 14 Button Head Screws M5 x 20, 2 bags of part #25286-15 (http://bit.ly/1qjpJQi31)

Some people don’t like that the MDF can sag over time with 3 supports. They spend a bit more and add a fourth extrusion for support in the middle 26049-02. You’ll need to trim it to 958mm fit with a compound miter saw.

You’ll also need the brackets and screws 25286-18.

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thanks for the help, I cant wait for my x-carve to show up, and the x-controller to be available.

@Zach_Kaplan I don’t see this on the list of available screws 25286-18

what length and pitch I assume .5 pitch but how long

Sorry it’s this one: 25286-01

would be good for y’all to add an option for just the hardware. would make it much easier. even if it was the 2x 10 packs rather than the exact amount.

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I agree 100%. During the “configure your machine” if someone un-checks something like the waste board, then a message should come up telling the customer what items they may want to order to complete “their board” to be like yours… Remember many of these people have wood laying around and want to make their own wast board and will also want to replace it when it gets used to much. This is the second item I have run into a problem like this. Have to order extra parts to correct things that if I had just been told during the configure stage would have saved time and trouble and time and time and time waiting.
Do you have a setup or g-code that will drill the holes into the waste board where the hold down screws will go. This would same a lot of time for many customers. I know it can not cut all the holes but most of them. Thank you.

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