Waste Board Resurface

Looking at making my own wasteboard, and I want to make sure that it is level. I have seen other posts about this, but there isn’t sufficient detail on what bit to use and where to get it. Can someone please tell me what bit to use to surface and level the wasteboard and where to get said bit? Thanks.

I think there are a couple mentions on the forum somewhere, but if you search for bottom cleaning bits you should be able to find something on ebay or amazon. I believe Inventables also sells a surfacing bit.

Thanks, Gents!

I bought the following set and use the larger one for flattening my waste board. The smaller is used for carving projects.

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Within reason, you simply want the largest bit that will fit in you machine (an your router is capable of driving) - the wider the bit, the less passes it needs to make to cover the whole wasteboard.

I’m planning on picking one up this weekend. There is a Woodcraft store near me.