Waste Board surface cleaning

Hi Guys.
I decided to clean my Waste Board surface. It wasn’t too bad, but I realized that, my bit wasn’t straight to board as you can see on the picture. Bit is .75 straight, front side cutting deeper. I put a couple shims under carriage plate to lift my router little more. Seems helped about %75. I’m ready to insert more but afraid of loosing some other alignments. Any ideas.

I had an issue with my X-Carriage being out of square, I ended up loosening the front maker slide (the one that is installed through slotted holes) and basically twisting it until the front of the carriage was square. Seemed to work great since it was only out by a little bit.

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Mine is straight side to side, but front to back is not. I’m not sure if Dewalt is too heavy for the carriage. I tide all V pulleys, put shim, still needs more.