Waste board with no lines references

Hi there,

I bought my X-Carve 1000 1 and a half year ago in the UK. My Waste board or Work area came without any line, just clean without any reference line (even without the Inventables logo). You can take a look in the attached photo.

The machine works very well but, sometimes, it is challenging to square the piece of wood on the board.

I’m wondering if any of you, or even Inventables, has any “project” to make the lines just to have a square reference.

I’ll appreciate your help. Thank you so much in advance.

@FedericoCinalli. The lines are not really necessary and most likely not perfectly square to you machine.

My suggestion is to put a vbit in the machine and move it to somewhere near the front left and put a pencil dot. Then move along the y axis to the opposite side of the machine and put a dot. Move back to the original dot and move as far as possible on the x axis and place a dot. Now connect the dots on the x and y axis. You will be square to the machine and can easily square you projects using the two lines. Hope this helps


@PhillipLunsford that’s a great idea! Thank you!

They’re on the other side. :wink:


You can screw down a piece of thin ply, carve a single line in X direction to achieve a perfect X datum.
You can expand with a Y-line aswell, creating a corner bump stop.

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When I replaced my machine bed with a piece of fixture plate,
I mounted a framing square and indicated it.
I can reference off of it any distance I want in both directions.


Sweet setup!

I just put my sharpie holder on and drew a few referance lines to use for line up.


I always thought with my next one I’ll just use a 90 deg v bit and score some lines.

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