Wasteboard for 1800 X 1000 mm

Hi I have added 1800mm rails to my xcarve. I have added two extrusion rails underneath the wasteboard area, and cut .75 MDF to size. I know need to drill out or use the xcarve itself to make the mounting hole pattern for clamping. Is there a file for this? I have the threaded inserts from old board and some new ones and am wanting to re-use so need to imitate diameter of original xcarve.

Then just FYI I am mounting the MDF to frame anywhere I can and also adding a lot of supports along the Y as right now there is still a lot of flex (though it’s not really assembled yet). I’ve also done an x axis mod to stiffen so hopefully the MDF to frame and MDF supports to Y rails will tighten everything up very well. Open to any ideas, thx

oh come on man

just have a stiff drink and get it done lol

that turned out good

if anyone needs a board like that milled I do have the ability to do it

let me know

Would you share the file for that?