Wasteboard not level to X axis

I bought my x carve second hand about a month ago so I didn’t assemble it myself. I have been making up some signs on 2 ply 1.6mm Rowmark plastic. I have been carving text in about 0.3mm deep to cut through the red coloured surface to reveal the white for the text. When I first started this the text on the left hand side would cut through fine but as it moved right the cut wouldn’t get all the way through the red top layer.

I checked the gap between the tip of the tool and the wasteboard on the far left against the far right and sure enough there is a bigger gap on the right side.

I needed to get the job done this week so I used another bit of MDF and carve out a square that would be true with the machine. This worked and allowed me to finish the job.

However, I would ideally like to have the whole machine square with the wasteboard without having to carve into it to skim it level.

If there a way to adjust the x axis or wasteboard to sort this? Has anyone else come across this and how have you sorted it or what solution did you come up with…



P.s I haven’t checked the y axis for height yet front and back yet.

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Hi, sorry you’ve not had a reply yet. There are a few things you want to check. You want your machine square, and your spindle perpendicular to the wasteboard.

We made sure we were square as we built, so I don’t know the best way to fix this after the fact. Since you bought yours secondhand, already built, you’ll want to square your machine. Phillip Lunsford of PawPaw’s Workshop has a video on squaring the machine here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cr68yJruDHI

As for the spindle, this video might be a good starting place (I have not watched the video, but it seems right from what I can see): https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=D6pfIoyhgTc

You can make minimal adjustments by loosening the screws that hold the slides for a particular axis and raising or lowering each side to bring it closer to being “in plane”.