Wasteboard replacement

Can anyone help link me to a replacement wasteboard for the xcarve? The shopping section here is a joke anymore and you can’t find any replacement parts. My Xcarve is pre 2021. I’ll take aftermarket if it isn’t available here anymore. Thanks in advance.

You could just get a piece of mdf at the home center and drill your own holes. I ended up buying more extrusion off of amazon and also some T slot from Woodcraft. I cut basswood for in between the t slot and then leveled it. Works great.

Here is the grid program you can buy.

X-carve Pro Wasteboard 1 Inch Grid With Numbers - Etsy

3/4-in x 4-ft x 8-ft Sanded MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) in the Plywood & Sheathing department at Lowes.com

and this:

Can I make my own 1000mm Waste Board? – Inventables (zendesk.com)


Don’t know if you are still looking for a replacement wasteboard? I just replaced my original wasteboard for my XCarve Pro 4"x2’ with an Inventables track washboard. I have the nearly new original washboard … I’m in the SF bay area … DALE dale@finalproductions.com

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Very first thing I did with my CNC right out of the box, was make it a spoilboard, quite serviceable and worked well. 9 months later after almost daily use, started to want an upgrade, so watched any number of youtubes to get tips on what it should look like, and replaced the original. I installed t-nuts instead of threaded inserts, put t track between the slats, and have not yet cut dog holes, which I could do very easily any time I decide that I would like to have them,

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View PawPaws workshop on YouTube. He has an excellent video on new XCarve spoil boards.

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