Wasteboard size for 500mm X-carve

I ordered the smaller X-carve with wasteboard included and now I am somewhat lost about the size of it.

From the online store I read that a wasteboard for the 500mm X-carve is approx 500x500mm.

The one delivered with my machine is just plain weird: 497 x 457mm.

Coming to the very last paragraph in step 13 I am stumped.

“When all of your insertion nuts and mounting screws are in square up the
waste board with the corners of your X-Carve and tighten them down.”

That is simply an impossibility…

Anyone else encountered this?

My wasteboard is also undersized. The left to right dimension is short by pretty close to 1 and 5/8".

Left side

Right side

Look at this: Redirecting…

Those slim aluminum extrusions are definitely longer than the wasteboard. Soooo what’s the deal?

Oddly enough, the board turned 90 degrees is exactly the correct width…

Left side

Right side

If it were just printed in the wrong orientation I’d leave it rotated, but the front to back dimension fits perfectly inside the thin extrusion rails.

@Zach_Kaplan, does this appear to be incorrectly dimensioned?

Hi Nathan, it appears the silk screen is oriented correctly with the holes because the mounting holes are above the Inventables logo.

The width should be 457.2mm and the length should be 498mm. Here is a link to the part drawing you can review.

The reason the width is smaller is to give extra clearance below the motor mount plates. You want the board centered.

Ok, that’s what I suspected. If that’s the case, the instruction documentation needs to be updated to reflect that the wasteboard is not supposed to be flush with the ends of the wasteboard supporting extrusions.

@NathanButler the instructions are open source and hosted on github. This means you can do a pull request if you wish. @JohnHayes is the administrator of the instructions and can take a look at the step you are concerned about with you to see if it needs to be updated.

Oh interesting. I didn’t realize the instructions were open to public editing. Alright, I’ll get to that if I have the free time and motivation.

@NathanButler I noticed you have the machine on shag carpet. We suggest putting it on a more rigid stable surface like a table when you start running it. The shag carpet might also ruin the electronics if you have static electricity.

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Thanks for the advice, Zach :slight_smile: Thankfully I haven’t turned it on yet and have merely been assembling on the carpet. I actually went and built a torsion box out of 0.5" MDF with 2" tall core pieces. I’m going to do @IanWatkins mod to stabilize the machine and flatten the work area by bolting the wasteboard, on top of two more pieces of 0.5" MDF, straight through the torsion box with a few 0.5" diameter 5.5" long bolts. I’m hoping that kind of stability will enable me to reduce runout to the point that PCB milling will be achievable without much tweaking after it’s dialed in.