Wasteboard upgrade (aluminum) question

I am ordering parts and doing a major overhaul of my X-carve this winter but I am wondering if the Aluminum wasteboard mod is actually worth the time and money or is the MDF sufficient. Is there any alternative like adding more bracing to the frame underneath and leaving the MDF? I want to have this thing solid but I feel like the full aluminum sheet may be overkill. Thoughts? I have everything else planned and or ordered just stuck on this and not sure if I want to drop another $150ish and a lot of work on something that may not even be needed.

I am lifting it 2 inches and adding sacrificial replaceable MDF waste boards with t slot rails to whatever I have as a regular wasteboard

I wouldn’t waste that kind of money personally. Get rid of ALL the support structure and build a solid base like this:

Cheap, replaceable and SOLID. Milled metal on this non-stop for over a year. Used MDF spoil board on top.

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