Watch Winder

I got a Carvey to help jumpstart my watch winder business. I had already designed my entire winder on Fusion 360 and prototyped everything, so it wasn’t a huge leap for me. I have about 5 of the bodies done already! I still have to mill the gears and the base, but I’m waiting until my new 1/4 adapter gets here before I start on those.

This is Padauk wood with a Walnut Oil finish.


looks cool. How does it work?

I guess a video would help.


ah that is cool… the watch winds with movement got ya

Just finished up more wood pieces! I think I finally have this machine figured out. The 1/4 inch bits helped a lot when it comes to clearing pockets.

Here is the 95% finished product. I still need to mill out the holder.


Really cool. Never knew of such a thing!!

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