Water Cooled Spindle for XCarve?

I am trying to find a way to quiet my XCarve. I’m using a DeWalt router now, but wonder if there is a water cooled spindle that would work. Does anyone know of a replacement?

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@RussellCrawford can help you.

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We just fitted one of these spindles this weekend, using the Invetables Makita 65mm mount. It went surpisingly smoothly. The spindle is quieter than our old DeWalt, but most of the noise from the type of work we do, comes from the cutter against the material itself. So depending what sort of stuff you do, a change of spindle might not be the solution you’re after.

Thanks very much for the info. What are you using your XCarve for? I make guitars and most of my cuts are pretty light.

It doesn’t look like Inventables still sells the 65mm mount. The mount for the DeWalt is an odd size, but I’ll keep a lookout for a spindle that matches.


Hi Mark, it looks like the Makita mount is still available here.

If you are not doing a lot of aggressive cuts, then you might be more likely to notice an overall reduction in noise levels. Plus, there’s other nice aspects of the change too .

Thanks for the link. I’m not sure how I missed that. It sounds like I could get a Makita mount and a 65mm spindle. As long as I don’t mind turning on the spindle manually, as I do with the router now, I don’t imagine the milling process will change much.