Water-cooled spindle +Relay

I have just upgraded my machine from a router to a water-cooled spindle, it is a Huanyang 2.2Kw and matching VFD, which is working good, I had the router working with a relay from the X- Controller and would like to do the same with the spindle, I was told to get a different relay - input 3-32vDC and output 0-60v the old one was AC rated, on the back of the X-Controller there are 2 ports for spindle PMW and 0-10v, I had it wired to 0-10v for the router, should it be the same for the spindle or should it be PMW, Inventables said they were adding a wiring drawing to the instructions but I can’t find it, I tried it as it was, wired to 0-10v, but it is switched on all the time,