Watermarking the detail view

Ran into an issue today where it would be really nice if we could add a watermark to the detail view with ability to turn it on and off.

We do screenshots of the detail view when sending to a customer, we had a person yesterday send the design to someone else.

I have no problem with customers shopping around but I want to make sure if the design is past on people know where it came from.

So the ability to add a water mark to the design view with a logo or text would at least let people know where it came from and stop people from just tracing and importing our work.

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I use a snipping tool for my browser, I zoom my project in on detailed view, and only screen shot the detailed view, then save as jpeg, open illustrator or paint, and water mark it from there, then resave the new jpeg and sent it to the customer.

It would be nice to do this in Easel, but this has become my way of keeping my designs my own.

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That’s great!

I understand why you picked your business model, but we went another way which has been very successful for us so we have a reason for watermarks.

Do you mind if I ask how many quotes you are doing a day?