Waving the white flag - help with a design

Does Easel have the capability of making a sign like this? I have the 3D image but the lettering is throwing me off?

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yes, it doses as long as the file is too large 100m

You mean import is as a file, right? I was trying to design it in Easel

I tried to use Vectric but I have a Mac and that language is foreign to me on conversion

You can design it in Vetrics but i don’t think you will get it done in Easel.

If you put your mind to it? it can be done.


You’re just smarter than me Ken!

Na, just have an imagination. check out texturing app, click on the Lego and check out the Apps.

Happy carving

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Ken - one more question - I got the texture - thank you! How did you get the wording to be 3D?

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You’ll need to add text after texturing

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Set wording as a 0 depth and make sure its in front (layering) of the texturing. Then it will stand proud of the surrrouding area that will get carved away…


Thank you Seth!

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Did you carve the textured background on your machine? If so where did you find a texture like that?

if you’re talking about my sign, yeah i used easel hexagon generator tool…

If you mean the OP’s sign, that random scalloped texture is something that the Vectric software (Vcarve, Aspire, Cut2d) does well, easel isn’t the best at getting a random pattern like that, but it could be done using a large ball bit and a pattern of lines or even oval shapes to create the grooves…

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Thanks, Seth! You’re a pretty good dude just out there randomly helping people! You’ve helped me & my wife by posting info which we, in turn, use to flatten our learning curve.

We’ve run a successful Sign Business for years & just recently bought our PRO & already have it paid off. We paid cash for it & expected the ROI to be much longer but it only took a few jobs to retire that investment.

Once we get a little more comfortable with our new machine, we’ll post our progress & help others that need help with SIGNS in general.

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