Wedding Gift - Yosemite Map

My latest x-carve project was making a wedding gift for my friends after their gorgeous wedding in Yosemite National Park. I took a picture of the overlook sign (pictured) at their ceremony and redrew the diagram of the incredible vista and then carved/framed it in walnut and maple. Finished with medium walnut Danish oil - allowing the oil to pool in the carvings to create the contrast.


That’s an heirloom piece, right there. Excellent job.



what size is that? did you have to tile the tool paths?

The size is roughly 28”x10” and I have the 1000mm x-carve, so no tiling necessary.

That’s impressive!!! Great job!

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Very nice job - I love the creativity and innovation. ‘After the Wedding’
I’m going to use that idea next wedding my wife drags me out to, ‘we’re not buying a gift until we go to the wedding, because we might see something there that would make the perfect gift!’ I’m sure she’ll go right along.

That is a gift they will remember and talk about at their anniversary for years to come. - You Win the Wedding Gift challenge!

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Thanks! And yeah - I’m all about the post-wedding gift. I think etiquette allows a wedding gift until the first anniversary, so I’m in the clear! It’s nice in case the wedding sucks and you want to lower the value of your gift. :wink: Just kidding… but maybe…