Wedding plaque

Made this plaque out of cherry for my brother in law’s wedding this past weekend. Designed in Aspire using raised lettering, sent to X-carve with UGS. Did a roughing pass with a .25" downcut end mill, and a finishing pass with a .125 ball nose. Here’s the un-stained finished product:

And the stained, finished version:

The border and last name were stained jacobean, the first names and date were pickled oak, and the background was stained natural.


It’s a bit of a pain for the smaller stuff…that’s why my wife usually does the staining/painting. I don’t have the best patience for it. She uses small paint brushes for the lettering/small areas.
For this plaque, she stained the background first, then the border and letters.

Here’s a couple other ones with multiple stains:


I use Aspire, and I love it! Hopefully it’ll pay for itself in the near future. Most of the work I have done are for family and friends, so little to no $$ made on those. One of these days I’ll be able to make enough items to open an online store, but my job keeps getting in my way and taking up too many hours out of the day!