Wedding sign gift

Two very good friends of mine got married and I needed a little something I can attach the card to. I have seen several wedding sign project here now and decided to give it a try.

Here’s the sign just after milling and a little bit of sanding:

As you can see there was a little hiccup involving my dust shoe and the clamps, which led to a pass damaging the border. Fortunately it was nothing a little sawdust, glue and sanding couldn’t fix:

After that I just needed to paint it:

Bit’s used:

  • 3mm upcut fishtail
  • 1mm upcut fishtail

Lesson’s learned in this project:

  • I need to check on my v-wheels more often. The first version I did suffered of some serious unclean cuts, because one side of my y axis was “loose”
  • remember to check the height of your dust shoe against the height of the clamps
  • freestyle manual painting is not my favourite thing
  • actually the first project I really used my Triquetra (had it a year or something and just never installed it…); now I just scold myself for waiting that long
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Excellent job.:+1::+1::+1:
I really like the stacked lettering.


This was an idea I stole here in the forum :smiley: I would like to thank the person who did it first, but I don’t remember…

I don’t consider it a stolen idea at all.
Its being done all the time.
I just think it looks cool and need to try it myself.
I’ve watched some vectric videos on the subject and find it interesting.

First time I did it, broke 3 1mm bits in the process…but I consider it a price for learning :wink:

You’ve done a great job!!!
Was this done on Easel?

Thanks! No I’m using Fusion 360 for modelling Inkscape for svg and Chillipeppr as gcode sender.

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