Wedding sign help

just wondering if anyone out there has any helpful info on making a sign similar to the one pictured, im a newbie and was wondering if a certain type bit works best and if there is any easel tips as far as design set up goes, thanks!!

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looks to be MDF, so bits aren’t as crucial. the only tricky part is to make sure that all of the lettering connects, as with the "mr & mrs part. Do you have a font that you like? i’d be happy to help

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Really like that also would you be able to do that in easel ?

yes, but it is faster and easier to lay out in Inkscape, plus you’d have the option of any font you have on your computer.

How much you charge to lay it out for me ?

That looks like 2-color plastic (gold surface/black core) and is most likely laser cut (with its hazards)

I do a bit of these with CNC and a 20deg V-bit usually get the jov done. I choose to use a V-vit as it gives me a chamfered edge but aslo allow more intricate radii/corner details.

Here are two I have done:

Design about 7" wide

Design about 5" wide

Type of bit will depend on what material you want to carve it in and the size of the carve. Please elaborate :slight_smile:

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