Wedding Table Letters

Testing out making table letters for my upcoming wedding. Cut out of MDF 3/4". Straight Flute. Notch at the bottom fitting into the base. Cut the base notch too big, went the wrong way with the outline. Lesson learned.

I do need help on how to paint MDF, I heard using a acrylic primer as a base and or that it should only be solvent-based (oil, alcohol, or lacquer-based). Any help with that would be great. They don’t need to be glass smooth or perfect but just don’t want it to swell or bubble.

This is my 3rd ever cut. So much fun


Many ways to seal the wood and there has been much discussion on the forum. Everyone has their own spin on it. I seal the wood with several coats of shellac and then use many different choices of paint fro acrylics to oil to spray laquer.

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The edges are the big problem with MDF and paint. I seal mine with drywall mud. Rub it in by hand, let it dry and lightly sand.

You’ll likely have to sand after tge first coat as the fibers swell but after that the paint will hold them in place

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I use this to seal MDF prior to painting, works great on the cut edges:


Couple coats of sanding sealer then sand with 220 grit, then use an automotive primer. Seals up perfect for painting, even the edges.


Another vote for sanding sealer. Dries SUPER fast. Also, I found that chalk board paint makes and excellent primer. Sands like a dream and goes on heavier.

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