Weekend project: Honeywood

I’ve been teaching myself a new procedural modeling system called MASH in Autodesk Maya. I’m a big sucker for hexagons, so I designed the below piece with a randomized displacement of hexagon towers taller in the middle and lower on the edges. It ended up looking quite a bit like a honeycomb once cut from some reclaimed redwood:

The piece measure 8" square, cut is about 1" deep at the edges. I used a 1/8" 1-flute upcut endmill for the rough cut, and a 1/16" 2-flute upcut endmill for the pencil cleanup. Gcode via MeshCAM. Whole cut took around… 45 min? Used a darker walnut stain on the outside, and a ‘natural’ stain on the inside. Was a fun project for a Sunday afternoon.


Very nice !
I keep going back myself to grasshopper for similar work I will have to have a look at MASH, never heard of it.

I think MASH is very similar to Grashopper (although I’ve never used it). I think Maya is trying to compete in that procedural motion-graphics arena now.

I have not done much with MASH in Maya.
But you have me thinking now.
For those who do not know what it is:
MASH is a collection of 24 Maya nodes that was initially developed and maintained in-house at Mainframe, which allows users to develop and design elements through a procedural animation toolkit inside of Maya.
I am not sure what the acronym MASH means but it relates to nodes that allow you to do motion graphic like simulations that are very cool.