Well, that’s annoying

I was trying to make a waste board/jig combo today and I ended up having a fight between my x axis motor, belt and router power cord. The belt lost. :man_facepalming: I zip tied the cord to the drag chain and now I have to wait for more parts.

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Why are you not simply running that inside the drag chain?
Also, your drag chain seems to be "upside down? it should remain stationary from the left side, and “fold” on the right

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The short story, this is a older x-carve and I don’t have the drag chain that opens and that’s how the drag chain went on this model. It’s been sitting since I completed it a few years ago.

Here is a stock image of this model.

Yep, the Gen1 Xcarves are exactly as that picture shows and there is really not enough room inside the drag chain and it would require modifying the cord (cutting off the plug).

Be careful with the zip ties, I found one the other day that was slightly catching during motion.

I forgot about those older machines! My bad!