Well...this 1/16" bit is tougher than I thought...lol

. Came out in the garage to check on the project. Was looking close and thought there was no way I was only carving .02" deep. Noticed my clamp in that corner was only laying on it, and not clamping it. Looks like it may have been cutting .04" deep after I got the clamp tightened!

Sadly…yes…I broke my last 1/8" and don’t have the ones I ordered in yet lol. And…it’s on the second pass and when it is carving on that end, it’s not even touching. That 1/16" may have been cutting through .05 or .06" of poplar like a champ.

I keep meaning to order a 1/4" whiteside on amazon but always forget.

I’m slowly getting get there lol. This sign is going to a friend that is giving it to the guy who lets him use his reloading equipment. The guy’s son saw it and wants one now.