What am I doing wrong? 2- stage cut

Alright, I will try to give some details. I have been using Easel to create g-codes since April, but I usually use different senders to cut. I do not like how Easel does not let me see what I am going to be cutting, the toolpaths, where the bit is, or what is next. I get a percentage progress bar, and everything else is what I can physically see that it has carved. This is the main reason why I use other software to carve.

So question number 1 is: Does Easel have the ability to show the carve and trace it visually before you carve it and I just can’t find it, or is everything just by measurement and that’s what it is going to do and hope for the best? I’m not talking about the Detailed View or Simulate buttons, as they do not move the spindle. I want to literally trace the work to wherever I want and see where it is going to carve before it does it. This is the main reason why I usually use UGS (or Makerverse) to do my carves, because I can see where it is going to go and adjust for knots or whatever. It is important to me, and I haven’t found anything in Easel to let me do that.

I am paying for Easel Pro, so I do want to learn how to use this software better, and obviously it is capable, but I am doing something wrong?

I am currently trying to use Easel to create a 2-stage carve of a sugar skull (2 copies of the same thing), and have it carve the details in the face with a 30 degree engraving bit, and then cut an offset outline around the skull through 1/2 inch mdf when it is done.

The separate skull on the left was carved using UGS, and then I ran a different file and bit to cut around it, and I was obviously out on my alignment. This is where Easel doesn’t make that mistake, and I want to use it that way. The one on the right is done in Easel, but it is trying to cut the outside offset with the 30 degree bit, so I stopped it.

Here is my job in Easel. For all of these pictures and the file as show is using a 1/8 (1.32mm) compression bit for roughing, and a FoxAlien 1/8 30 degree engraving v-bit.

This is the Detailed view, which shows 10 minutes of roughing, and 1-2 hours for detail.

These are my cut settings. The facial details are set to 0.8mm, and the outside carves are 14mm on 1/2 inch MDF (yes, I know I am going deeper on purpose).

The two bits on the bottom are the ones I am using. Both are 1/8 inch, 30 degree on the left, and compression on the right. The top bit (upside down) is a custom bit that I thought could do the whole job on its own, but it doesn’t quite get the detail I want.

The roughing (compression) bit does this carve in about three minutes, and it is done. The rest of the job including the offset cut will be attempted to be done by the 30 degree bit.

How do I tell Easel that the outside offset cut should be done with the compression bit?

Also, the difference between what Easel tells me it should take to do this work, and the actual carving time can be astronomically different. See above photos for the 10min/1-2 hours estimate, and the 14+ hours of actual time.

I have attempted to share this project at Easel - Untitled so that you can have a look and perhaps tell me what I am doing wrong? This carve should not take 14 hours (5-7 maybe), and it should absolutely cut the skull out with the compression bit.

Thank you all for your time and advice.

you use the “Workpeices” tab at the bottom to duplicate the design. Then you delete the parts you are carving first… the face design. leaving only the perimeter and you set this to be endmill only with no Vbit.

you need to actually make 2 duplicates, one with face only, no perimeter, and a 2nd one with perimeter only and endmill only…

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Okay Seth, thank you. That is the way I have been doing it already and thought that Easel could remove the inconsistency of my outside carve, but it really is just lining it up properly in separate workspaces. As you can see in my second picture, I did try that too, but I acknowledge that I did not line it up properly with my piece when I exported them as different g-code files. I will try again.

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