What am I doing wrong? Carve off center?

New to all this and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Carve is off center and I thought I had it dead on.

Just looks like your XY zero was set in the wrong spot (on the actual workpiece).

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It looks like you are at x=1, y=.25

I think that’s just centered to his stock.
Work Zero needs to be set at the left edge of the stock for the file to work as is.

We don’t know where his work zero is

He should look at some of my videos. Might help

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One thing i learned when i first started out was try it on a scrap piece of wood first. Then you do not ruin a good piece if it is not right. After you have mastered the basics you will know better of what you are doing right and wrong. Check out Phillips videos you can learn alot.

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I’m limiting my downloads to avoid any problems on the forum. Thanks for suggesting my videos. @WayneHall

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What do you mean by this, Phillip?


We don’t know where you set Home position (work zero)
Easel think its 1" to the left and 0.447" below the design boundary.

My quickest approach for such a project would be as follows:

  • Find your board centerline and midpoint
  • Center your design to X=0 and Y=0. Click design, choose center tab and enter X=0 and Y=0
    (Top right in your Easel screenshot)
  • Jog your bit directly above the marked midpoint, confirm this as your Home Position (Work zero)

Your work zero MUST be where Easel grid show X0 and Y0, and design will carve relative to that.