What are the basics I need?

Hi everyone
I am new here, so here comes my silly question, I am looking to buy the X-Curve 50mm model. What is the basic setup I will need to get started? The things that I want to do are, engraving, carving and some cutting, all on wood, i.e. small boxes, pen cases. I would be buying from RoboSavvy, as I’m in the UK.
Many thanks

to use the machine in general…

a selection of endmills. I’d recommend getting a 1/8" upcut and a downcut. Same goes for a 1/4". If you plan on doing signs and lettering, some v bits.

either a dust collection system or shop vac because… there will be dust.


double sided tape for woodworking. I’ve been using some from peachtree and it’s been working well.

  • for setting up the machine it would be good to have a square for squaring the machine up.

In addition to what @AbearDesign listed, you are going to need clamps to hold work to the wasteboard and you will need tools to cut your work material to a size that fits in your X-Carve work area. I have found that a 10 inch sliding miter saw works great for most cuts you will need to make. But a table saw will be very useful if you plan to use sheet material like plywood.

You are also going to need to either buy or make a dust shoe, that should be one of the first things you do.

If you have room I would strongly suggest you get a real dust collector instead of a shop vac, it will work much much better for you. Harbor Freight has a 2hp model you can get for under $200

dont listen to allen… you can just hold it down with your hands :wink:

don’t hold it down with your hands… clamps… yes

another way to go, down the road, that I plan on making a vacuum table for hold down.

Thank you both for your replies, I already a dust extracted, a sliding mitre saw, etc. As i alrwady turn pdns on a lathe. My question was mainly in regards to the X-Carve its self.

the only other thing is software.

I use rhino / rhinocam with universal g-code sender

but many are going as simple as easel, or inkscape and easel.

other programs would be vcarve, aspire, and well… there’s too many to name really.

Start looking at the free demo version of VCarve, it is really nice. It costs $350 but I think it is worth every penny,

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Thank you all for your help.

to piggy back off of robert, if you want clamps, but dont want to purchase, you can screw down the board and cut clamps then… use clamps from there on.