What are the specifications for the newer stepper motor connectors?

What are the specifications for the newer stepper motor connectors?
I do not wish to rethread all the cables, and I want to just splice in small pieces on the ends to new connectors. Does anyone know what connectors to buy?
Thank You in advance.

Sometimes it’s better to do it right from the beginning, to eliminate Tomorow problem and/or issues .

You can get them from Inventables

I HAVE the inventables cables, I was trying to avoid rethreading cable through the old style drag chain, and was just going to splice a new connector onto the end of the old wires.

don’t know which Xcarve you have or which controller.

BRAND NEW Stepper kit from X Carve G Shield controller
I am looking for the specs for the connector that goes to the stepper

grbl g shield controller

I believe the Nema motors need more power than G Shield controller deliver. i read somewhere
that the g shield would need upgraded also

X-Carve 2015 to 2016 Update Kit | Inventables

I am still running an X-Carve on the original G-Shield/Arduino. While the G-Shield can not provide the full current required for even the older X-Carve NEMA 22 motors, it does work, and if everything is dialed in correctly, the machine is more than capable of performing very well. One just has to understand the limitations of the machine as it is configured.


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The stepper motor model consists of 4 parts, which represent the frame number, motor type (BYF represents hybrid type, BC represents reactive type), phase number, and motor rotor teeth number.

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