What are those things called

…that go on the back of picture frames and fold out so you can set the frame upright on a desk? I need to order some but don’t know what to search for.


Picture Frame Easel

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Picture frame standy thingy?

or https://www.pictureframesexpress.co.uk/information-centre/picture-frame-standup-back/


I am real cheap and just drill a 1/4" hole in the back and put a small dowel rod in. It leans back just like the thingy you are looking for and is cheap. If you don’t glue it in you can take it out if you don’t need it.


Thanks everyone.

I should have been more clear in my original post that I am interested in only the flip out part as it will attach to a wood carve I am doing. The ones that come with the frame backing panel probably won’t work as I am not sure how I would attach it (but thanks for those answers…I do appreciate the input…it was my fault for not being more clear).

I like the idea of the dowel and may try that.

Works like a charm and like i say it is cheap.

You know its a party when Phil whips out his dowel… :stuck_out_tongue:


You can use a shorter one it all depends on where you place it. The nice thing is if you decide to hang it up you just take it out and use the keyhole.


wouldn’t that little thingy be called a “hinge”?

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Wayne I do that very process.

I don’t know…if it has the prop part on it, is it still called a hinge?

agree with the first post from @JohnChamplain

picture frame easel
guess you could also call it a picture frame stand.


It is an easy process and works good.

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Two parts. There’s a hinge and I’ve heard the flap called a strut.

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Here’s an idea:

Get some 1/4" stock and draw one up using a picture online as a template or dive into the math to figure out sizing and angles and then use a tiny piano style hinge to attach it

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I contemplated that, except with a regular small jewelry box hinge, except I was not sure of nice way to add a string/catch/etc to keep it from opening too far. This is for a gift so I would like whatever I do to not look like something thrown together. Any idea of a way to keep it from opening too far?

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I agree but what nice way to keep it from opening too far? That CA hinge makes me think - CA to glue a short ribbon maybe?

I am attaching this to the back of an Open Book carving. So, it will be attached to wood.

Maybe…drill a small hole, large enough for the string, put the tip of the string in the hole, and CA glue it in place. That may be clean.

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Look for a stop hinge. They make them in various degrees.

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