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What bit can I use?

Hello everyone. I have been working on some projects using alluminium cladding. Find the material in picture. Material thickness ia bout 8mm. it is made of inner plastic material with alluminium thin plate on its surface. the alluminum on the surface should be about 2mm. I am cutting this several time with my xcarve carve starter bits. I have broken all bits now. Can anyone suggest the bit that will do this job better? Please answer with a link to purchase the bit.

Thank You.

What cut setting and what bit are you using.
I have no experience with that material but would suggest a bit designed for aluminum.
Is the aluminum well adhered to the plastic? If not an up cut bit may be a problem and a straight cut would be best. Due to the plastic a down cut would not be a good choice.

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I have used similar material to what you are using, The material I use is called OmegaBond. Like Mark said a straight bit worked good.

Russell were do you purchase your Omegabond from?

Hi Steve,
Reece Supply Company
They sell sign supplies and equipment.
I tried it and it cut great using the 2 fluted bit. Once you carve it you’re done, no painting, no sanding. Its ready to go outside in the weather. It also cuts good using a regular wood blade on the table saw and jig saw.
Reece is located in a few of the Southern States, I think I remember you saying that you live up North. I live in Louisiana

thanks Russel! I am in the Cincinnati OH area.

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