What bit would be used to cut this?

Trying to cut this for a flag, I tried the 1/32 bit but it broke during the cut.

I would use either a 90 or 45 degree vbit .

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What kind of material are you using? Are you actually cutting it out (to glue into a flag), or are you wanting to carve it into the flag?

I purchased a 30° bit, and I absolutely LOVE it! :two_hearts:

I use 90 degree v bits for my flags however if you haven’t surfaced the board on the cnc, then using a steeper angle bit will be more forgiving to a non-parallel top surface… so using a 60 or even a 30 degree bit will be more forgiving if its not surfaced on the cnc…

Using 15"x10.5" Pine and then will use pine to build the 13 stripes and put it all together.! Here is an example but will replace the star union with the Navy Flag|690x373

Just a heads up, that union in the photo is upside down…moving on though

So it sounds like you’ll be unable to surface it, unless you then plane all of your strips to a matching thickness…
In that case I would use this shimming technique to get the top parallel to the spindle plane of movement, then you can use any bit based on how you prefer it to look… heres the shimming for parallel method:

Here’s that union on the finished flag made in the same method as your making, with the strips…it really all depends on what look you like, I don’t like the stars of a finer angle, and the finer angle ones often result in flat pockets, which take longer to carve using one bit… so I always use 90s

Something else to be aware of; the Chiefs Rank is covered under the Navys trademarks, so if you haven’t already, you may want to look into obtaining a TM license. TRADEMARKS Hopefully you’ve already done the research, but I am only mentioning this in case you were unaware :+1: if you’re already aware of IP rules, fair enough :+1:

Another thing, and I have used that same logo before being informed of this error in the design… the anchor chain should come in front of the anchor, wrapping around aka “fouling” it. There is a meaning behind a fouled anchor for Navy chiefs, and they tend to notice that it isn’t properly wrapped around. In this photo the chain is visible in front of the anchor at left. il_570xN.1553167746_a2qm


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