What can easel import

Can I import gcode that I create in aspire or vcarve?

I don’t believe this is possible, but could you not just use something like Universal G-Code Sender to output the g-code to your machine?

What are you trying to do?

I could Rusty…i was just wondering if Easel could do it being that it’s something that i am going to be messing with anyway…Thanks for the Reply Back

Right now Easel can only import SVG files. We are working on it every day making improvements and updates.

Hey Zach. …I built my table to support a 1000mm Xcarve. Table dimensions 48x48, but has a hinging top that has a 45"x45" clearance. I just read that 1000mm is not the overall dimensions and now I’m worried that I built a table that I can’t use…can you help

Under the X Carve part of the of the forum there was a thread a while back on size. If I remember correctly the machine was 1006mm by 1006mm, the motors stepped out 60m on each side of the x dimension, and if you got the cable chain that steeped out 100mm off the side. So the machine would be 1160mm by 1006mm, or 1120mm by 1006mm over all. It should fit in there fine. I was planning on building my table with a work space of 42" by 48"

Jeff, I think I am going to have clearance issues with my top when it comes down

Nathan, I think you are about an inch narrow. It comes down to the motors sticking off the side. The motors are dual shaft motors. That extra bit of shaft is what makes the difference.

I really want to see this enclosure work. We might be able to find another source for single shaft motors for you buy from and figure out a way to adjust your order.

I extended the side by 3 inches Bart, do you think this will work with 48x45

It should fit in that size.

thanks Bart for the help…just got everything buttoned up and I am ready to run my wires, estop, lighting, etc. Is everything still on schedule to start shipping by first of may?

This enclosure is amazing. I can’t wait to see it in action.