What changed?

What changed in the Easel driver? I used to be able to control my machine from remote using a serial over Ethernet solution. If it wouldn’t connect (which it did) it would prompt me for a com port that I could specify.

Did you upgrade your Easel driver recently?

Hey Jeff! Not recently. I want to say it happened with 3.9, maybe 3.8.

I conscripted a laptop into service using a 40’ usb cable when it did stop working. I just want to see if I can get it back so I can clean up some of my mess around here.

Did it stop working at exactly the same time you upgraded the driver?

I want to say yes, but it has been awhile. Does the new driver try to access a COM port, or the specific USB port?

It tries to access a COM port.

What about hardware flow, handshaking settings?
That’s my next theory.

Well, I found where you can manually enter the com port. It’s working now!

Had to click the blue (not green) carve button – who’d have guessed?

Think that could be added to the machine setup page?