What Computer specs do you use with Vcarve Pro and Easel?

I’m having an issue that I believe is with my laptop specs. After I finish designing with Vcarve, I load it up on Easel, then get ready to print. During the upload to Easel, it has several notifications wanting to make sure if I want to wait or cancel. This is annoying but isn’t the issue at this point. The issue comes when I go to carve, and it comes up with the same message. If the piece I’m carving is too big, it will give the wait or cancel notification, but will just time out and go back to the initial screen. This is a reproducible issue, but also extremely annoying because it doesn’t only limit my carves, but also infuriating as it I will go through this for 5-10 min, then it times out. Nothing I can do to get it going either. So I have narrowed it down to my computer (I7 5th Gen Intel) or the wireless router on the laptop (50-60 Mbps average in my workshop). I don’t want to buy a new laptop if this same issue is going to happen and don’t want to invest even more time trying to get the speed increased if it won’t help either.

Thoughts? What laptop specs work fine for you and at what speed are you getting?

Thanks in advance for helping me solve this issue.