What did I do wrong?

Recently I just set up my X-Carve and I’m very happy, but I noticed the left side Gantry Side Plate up to the front there are about 7 millimeters of difference from the right side Grantry Side Plate.
Is it lack of alignment?
I put the photos to understand better?
Thank you my friends

Hello PhilJohnson!
At the beginning of riding my X-Carve the motors struggled against each other, did that affect the alignment?

Thank you my friend! I will soon correct my mistake.

Best Regards

My maker slide was cut poorly (not a 90 degree cut) and set my left side of my machine askew by about that much, take a square to you maker slide and y plates and see is there is a gap. a small gap on one end make a big difference on the other end.

he said he is measuring from the y plate to the front y rail plate

My first largest obstacle to squaring was 2 differently oversized y rails
(before @PhilJohnson told me there can be gaps, but even then my OCD would have still not accepted his answer)
Then there was a curved wasteboard (got a new one).
Then I found 2 differently sized x rails (b4 solid x)
Quickest solution was cringy AF but worked was to clamp all of them together and shave them down to proper size on a confirmed square chopsaw.
Then used @PhilJohnson method to resquare and rebuild.