What do the orange colored things mean?


those mean that the tool will not fit in there and they will not be cut try and reduce the size of tool that you are using

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if ran, would it still attempt to cut the orange locations?

nope only the blue lines are toolpaths so only the blue will get cut

post an image of the design in the design workspace not the simulation work space

looks like the dimensions of the orange spots are different than the ones that are getting cut in blue are those items supposed to be the same size?

correct, I had designed it as an STL originally but then converted it to SVG. Some of the holes are larger than others because of the 3d image. I can fix that but some of the orange ones are supposed to be the same size.

might want to export from your cam program as a svg or dxf and try and import that so its 2d and then just set your heights different

ill see if I can redesign this in fusion 360 to get the Gcode as id like to have the counter sink holes drilled as well.

Slow reply here, but I suspect Easel doesn’t currently like just ‘pecking’. I tried 0.125 holes with a 0.125 bit, and it showed they wouldn’t be cut. Raised the hole dia to 0.15 and it cut.