What does it take to make a mill CNC run?

I have a Grizzly 0619 milling machine. What all would I need to make it run like a CNC machine with inventables products?

You will need to either make or purchase the conversion parts so you can attach the stepper motors. There are several good kits available with all the parts you need for the conversion.

Once you have the motors attached you can use any stepper control system you want. Either the Arduino/Grbl or a PC with Mach3

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money & patience :slight_smile:

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@AllenMassey covered this quite well — I will note that the /r/hobbycnc subreddit on reddit.com has a wiki page which lists machines, and also has a small section on CNC conversions of mills.


That’s quite a project, good luck!

Looking like Quite the project. Might save money and grief just selling what I have and buying the CNC run machine…