What ever happened to the relay box for X-controller?

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I want an aluminum box so I can sink my ssr to the side without a fan.

Sorry this got in the wrong place.

You may not achieve the right amount of heat dissipation. Or cause more damage to other components.

I have high amp ssrs even with the thermal derating I should be good.

So, finally picked up the device in the first link, but it didn’t come with instructions or cables. I would imagine the green side ports are what I need to connect a wire to the spindle ports on the xcontroller, but not sure what to use, or which plus to what.

It is as simple as you said.
Hook up the X-Controller’s GND to the ( - ) on the relay.
Hook up the X-Cotroller’s SPINDLE 0-10V to the ( + ) of the relay.
Inside your G-Code CAM Software, set your spindle speed to the max (aka 30000).
Easel will have a similar option when you run the setup.

I connected mine to the PWM output instead of the 0-10V spindle but what Jeremy said is true.

What gauge wire do I need to pickup? as I said, there was nothing in the box with it.

I used the wire they shipped with the limit switches for mine. I think that is 16 or 18 gauge.

Everything that was shipped with the xcontroller was used. Was kinda expecting the new module to come with something

Yea…when I assembled mine I changed the switch wires to shielded cables so I had the wire laying around. It’s low voltage and small current so 16-24 gauge will probably work just fine.

Great, thank you!

I made my own relay box with controls it’s really easy with the 15$ relay from the store.