What ever happened to the relay box for X-controller?

It’s been awhile since they first mentioned it but I haven’t seen any news on it. I figured with the new X-carve and the X-controller getting ready to ship the next round I figured we would have heard something by now.


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There is always this one that a lot of us have…


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Is this what is needed to turn the spindle on and off automatically? (Just got my new xcarve, and turning it on and off manually already is getting old. lol)

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The one Tonyno reccommended above works fine as well.

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When you say in code, make changes… Where is the code to change? Or a write up to explain the process?

Why would we ignore the code if using Easel, is the code already there ?

When you use Easel and set the spindle to auto you add the spindle on button when you start to carve. So you don’t need the code since Easel gives you a button which is sending the M3 s18000 command and will add the M5 command to the end of its code.

The code given will help test the spindle control in UGS though so it’s handy to have and remember.


UPDATE! Easel setup now only requires to tell it what spindle ur using. No need for RPM input. 2 steps later and it ask spindle control preference auto or manual.

I never used ugs for anything more than zeroing.

Ain’t nothing more painful than using easel to zero in on something

I use it for probe file sending and modding steps/mm!

As stated, Jogging the machine in Easel is not fun, not intuitive and only available when you are getting ready to start the job.

Is there a way (what are others using?) to jog the machine when not in easel??? I’m new to this and still learning, but I know that moving the gantry by hand is not a good thing… Can I us UGS for only moving the gantry around the X, Y, Z axis (like when I’m setting a piece in place and clamping…it can be difficult if the gantry is in the way)???

Eventually I will learn more about G Code but right now I’m frustrated with the ability (or lack of) to move the gantry around without opening easel…

Do you have homeing switches installed?

If you mean the limit switches on all three axis… Yes

Exactly. Their homing switches. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they will limit anything. Trust me lol.

So home your machine, then jog it to where you would like it to be out of your way (for the last time).

Go into machine inspector in Easel. In the command line type “G28.1”. This will make that position a parking spot. From then in any time you type G28 ( without the .1) it will move there post haste.

The same scenario with G30 for a second parking spot.

I’ll give that a try.

Thanks Much

When Looking at this it seems that this could be what the other mounting holes in the side board are for. I am also curious if this is something that Inventibles has planed for a future accessory. I would also like to know if and possibly when this will become available.

Ohh and if not then can the blueprints for the housing be posted so that we can make our own enclosure that matches the X-Controller for that super clean professional look.

Search the forum. There’s a post around here somewhere from a gentalman that 3D printed his own. Looks very similar to the C-Controller. He may share his file.