What have you done/planning to do with parts you upgraded from your X-Carve?

Last weekend I upgraded by 2015 X-Carve to 2016 specs by replacing the dual Makerslide X axis with the new wide Makerslide, and I also replaced the old drag chain with the newer improved drag chain setup. I had previously upgraded from the original controller to the X-Controller.

I’ve got these parts sitting around, the question is what to do with them. I’ve already got a 3D printer and fairly recently bought a K40 laser cutter which I’m in the process of upgrading, so the two obvious possibilities aren’t interesting right now.

So the question is what interesting projects have other folks come up with for extra parts after upgrading their X-Carves?

you could make a smaller X-carve. :smiley: use one for small stuff and the larger one for larger things.

why wouldn’t they be?

don’t you pretty much have the fix’ins to extend your y-axis to 2000mm?

Makerslide guides.ai (63.5 KB)
Heatbox template.ai (64.9 KB)
vacuum plate (MDF).ai (53.7 KB)
Extrusion (box and brackets).ai (260.0 KB)